Visiting AAMI


The first step will be to either fill out this form, or call our offices, to get some details about our program and schedule a visit. A visit is recommended for several reasons. If your child is a young beginner we need to determine readiness. We also try to make as good a "match" between student and teacher as we can. After a conversation with you (or you and your child), the an AAMI director will make a teacher recommendation.


At this meeting we will also discuss your placement in any AAMI group classes, and what your schedule and tuition would consist of.


The instrumental teacher will contact you to arrange for a lesson time. As much as possible this will take into account your class schedule.


When all of this is settled and before lessons can be scheduled, you will need to complete a registration form and make payment arrangements with the AAMI front office.


We want you to have a good experience from the very beginning. We make every effort to select the teacher who is best for you and we recommend the classes in the core curriculum, which are appropriate for your age, level and experience.




AAMI has a parking lot available to all students. The parking lot is located adjacent to the building, both on the side of, and behind the school.


Afro American Music Institute

Engaging youth in the practice, theory and knowledge of Afro American musical contributions to the world

phone: 412.241.6775